Complaints Policy

Pure Vans Ltd aim to offer the best possible service, but there may be occasions when a customer feels dissatisfied. If so we will always try to resolve the problem quickly and wherever possible to their satisfaction

The steps we will take to handle Customer complaints.

If a customer is dissatisfied with any part of our service, it’s important they let us know as soon as possible.  By working out their problem we can make sure that we give them the best service possible.  


Customers may complain in the manner that is most convenient for them (telephone, email etc).  Sometimes we may have to ask the customer to outline their complaint in writing, to help us fully understand their concerns.  If we can’t resolve their complaint straight away,(by the end of the third WORKING day), we will formally record the complaint and look into it in more detail.  This may obviously take some time, but we will keep the customer informed of how their complaint is progressing. For all recorded complaints we’ll take the following steps:

By Day 7

We will investigate the complaint and try to give the customer a full reply.  If this is not possible, an acknowledgement will be sent to let the customer know who is dealing with their complaint.

By Day 28

We will have completed our investigation of the complaint and sent a written response.  In some cases however, we may need more time to respond.  If so, we will write to the customer with an update of the situation.

Hopefully our response will have resolved the situation but, if the customer is still unhappy, we’ll take another look at their concerns.

By Day 56 

It is highly unlikely that we will not have resolved the customer`s complaint in this time, but if we haven’t, the Managing Director will review the file and send the customer our final response.  If this is not possible we will write to the customer giving them an update on the situation.

At all stages we will ask the customer to confirm in writing that they are satisfied with the way their complaint has been handled.

What Next?

If after issuing our final response or update on progress the customer is still unhappy, in certain circumstances they can also contact the BVRLA Conciliation Service, details below;

BVRLA Conciliation Service

As BVRLA Members any unsolved disputes may be referred to the BVRLA by either the customer, or the member involved.

Details should be submitted via email to

If the customer does not have access to email, the details can be sent by post to:

               British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

               River Lodge

               Badminton Court


               HP7 0DD

The BVRLA will aim to resolve the matter using the information presented by both parties to the dispute. Any information requested from the member should be sent to the BVRLA within 5 working days. Based on the information available, the BVRLA will provide both parties with its findings and recommendations.

If still unresolved the customer may be able to refer the matter to Financial Ombudsman Service Before taking this step, the customer needs to check that the Ombudsman can handle their complaint.  A leaflet is available that describes this service and a copy will be sent with our Final Response.  The Ombudsman is Independent and impartial and is responsible to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Telephone numbers and address

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower


E14 9SR

Tel; 0800 0234 567

Recording Complaints

We will keep an accurate record of all complaints received, recording the type of complaint, the customers concerns, whether we did something wrong and what action we took to satisfy the customer`s complaint including any redress or compensation given. We will review the causes of complaint to analyze whether common errors are occurring and where necessary carry out re-training or change our procedures to rectify these errors.

Management Information

Information regarding complaints will be reviewed regularly by the management team of Pure Vans Ltd.


We will ensure that we provide accurate information to the FCA as required.


Nominated Person (Complaints Handler) Details.

Nominated Person.                   Charlyan Burton

Direct Dial Telephone number   01633292929

Email address                    

Contact can be made by telephone Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm